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360 Elite TV 101

Craving to master your A1 media center? You've hit the jackpot, amigo! Feast your eyes below on your golden ticket to conquering the ELITE 360 TV media center!

Get Your A1 TV Media Center Up And Running!

Whoa there, eager beaver! Before you dive into the Sunday binge, don't forget to register your shiny new A1 TV media center. This is like step one, you know in those fun DIY YouTube videos?

Warranty Activation

Bingo! Your device's warranty won’t just activate itself like magic. You need to take a minute to register and give it life! Your warranty is like the superhero guardian of your TV Media Center, always ready to swoop in and save the day!

Support Team Access

Hey, no one is expecting you to be a tech whiz straight out of the box! Registering gives you full access to our support team – think of them as your personal Media Center gurus or Gandalfs of TV wizardry.

Email Notifications

You're not going to want to miss out on our enlightening email updates, are you? Registering means you'll always be in the know on the latest news, tip-top tips, and exclusive offers we save just for our registered customers. So, feet off the table, quick march to the registration, and then the whole wide world of A1 TV Media Center is yours to explore!

A Crash Course in Setting Up A1 TV Media Device

Gear up for a breezy 5-minute setup of your A1 TV Media device. Whether you're a newbie or a pro resetting your media center, the routine remains delightfully identical. So let’s dive in!

📺 Master's Guide on Conquering the Live TV Terrain

Whether it's Blue TV or A1 TV, live or taped - the game remains the same, mate! But hey, these cheeky little devices do come laden with some mysteries wrapped in enigma.

  • That Little Thing Called Channel Hunting: Let's decipher how you can go on a globe-trotting expedition through those channels.

  • For the Love of Sports: So you are getting those adrenaline rushes for some sports events? Well, let's go find them for you!

  • Those Secret Chambers: Remember those mystery novels hidden under layers? Your TV isn't too different there. Let's unravel some secret features, shall we?

"On-Demand Magic: Aim Your Eyes at this Video Spectacular!

Wondering how to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on cue? The prerecorded magic happening at Blue VOD and A1 VOD are the genies in your entertainment lamp. If you're new on the VOD block (that's Video on Demand if you're still figuring out the lingo), you might have missed out on a few little tricks.

"Searching For Your Next Binge Watch

Craving a bit of drama, action or a good ol' chuckle? Here's how to hunt down your next cinematic fix.

"Bookmarking Your Movie & TV Show Spirit Animals

Got some favorites you want to keep coming back to? It's like hoarding, but more fun. Here's how to never lose sight of your favorite movies and TV shows.

"The Time Traveler’s Guide to VOD

Ever wanted to travel back in time? No need to dust off that old DeLorean just yet. We’ll teach you how to use the filter to find movies by the year they were made.

"On the Hunt for VOD Easter Eggs

It's time to play detective! Let's find hidden features like saving favorites on your VOD platform. Spoiler alert: It's easier than you think!"

You, Your Media Device, and the Magic of Resetting So, you and your media device have been spending a fair bit of time together, eh? Binge-watching the new season of your favorite series? Guilty as charged! Well, you know what? It's now time to show your device some love. It's generally a good plan to give your gadget a good old reset once every other month, or more if you've been watching an unhealthy amount of content (we're not judging...or are we?). Why, you ask? Oh, funny you should mention it. For a start, giving the reset button a firm click will:

  • Hygienically cleanse your system (also known as 'get rid of that digital dirt')

  • Provide your device with proverbial wings, helping it run smoother (like a caffeinated gazelle)

  • Vanish unwanted data into thin air (don't you just hate digital clutter?)

  • Show that frustrating buffering who's boss (no more spinning wheels of doom)

  • Scatter some error codes to the four corners of the digital universe (byeee!)

  • March your beloved device right back to its mint-fresh, original settings (ahh, the nostalgia). Give it a try! Just click the link below. It's almost like a spa day for your device! ;)


Upgrade Your Device with the A1 TV Elite, Now Available in APPLINKED Store Stick around tech junkies, we've a secret weapon for every device you've got. Yup, your precious relic from 2002 is invited too. Let us introduce you to APPLINKED, an app that's more versatile than a Swiss army knife. You do want a backstage pass to A1 Media group's secret store, don't you? Sure you do. But wait, there's more! This app is tailored to all the freebie lovers out there who live to download, well, free apps. Wondering if your device made the cut? Check out the under-listed loot and lift your device to the APPLINKED Hall of Fame today.

  • Score some A1 Elite media apps.

  • Get your hands on free movie apps.

  • Deck out your device to match your streaming vibe. Now go on. Give your device the 'APPLINKED' super boost it deserves. Don't forget to read the instructions!


"## The Magic Act of Syncing Your Wireless Keyboard Remote - Revealed! 🎩 🐰 I see you're here because your wireless keyboard remote and your device aren't quite getting along. No need to worry! All these remotes are globetrotters - they speak a universal language. But first, they need a little help to sync up with your specific device. So let's begin, shall we?

Watch this Wizardry on Video 🎥

Need a bit of visual assistance? Here's a video that holds your hand through the process - not literally, of course!

Switching up the Energy Levels 🔌

Turn your device off and then on again. It's like giving your gadget a mini nap - refreshing, isn't it?

Making Friends with Your TV Remote 🤝

Time to play matchmaker! Sync your magic keyboard with your regular TV remote.

Awakening your Wireless Keyboard ✨

Let's wake that beauty up! Activate your wireless keyboard now. She's ready to dance to your tunes.

Night Mode Activate! 🌙

Tired of waltzing in the dark? Time to make some light waves! Turn the backlight of your wireless keyboard on.

Playing Air Guitar, I Mean Mouse 🎸 🐁

Navigate with grace and ease with the air mouse. Et voilà! You’re rocking it! And that's how you become a tech whisperer – or in this case, a wireless keyboard remote whisperer!"


Assistance is always at your service!

Need help? Or simply require a wise guide in this wild online wilderness? Our customer service Jedi are here to light the way! You will not be forsaken - we're here to point your compass in the right direction. Want to reach out? Simply navigate to the customer service tab below (yes, the one that's winking at you). And don't worry, our inbox is as impatient as you. We got you covered and usually respond in less than 24 hours! Stay tuned!

How to report a down channel

Apologies folks, it's an unfortunate reality that channels can sometimes go offline. It's a characteristic aspect of the service we provide and can understandably be frustrating. To help rectify any issues, simply use the link below to report any troubles you're experiencing. Whether it's a down channel, a channel lacking sound, or a looped video, we're ready and waiting to tackle the issue. Our team will do all they can to resolve the problem as promptly as they can. Just below to

  • Report down channels

  • Notify us of channels with no sound

  • Let us know about looped videos Thanks for your patience and understanding, we really appreciate it!

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