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How to watch 360 Live TV

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

The Elite 360 streaming service facilitates you to enjoy your desired TV channels effortlessly. Our service allows you to access an extensive range of live TV channels without any monthly charges. This gives you the independence to view your favorite shows at your own pace. Now, let us assist you in understanding your remote control features and reveal some secret functions of your Elite 360 device.

Understanding Your Remote Control's Features: Your remote control is an essential tool that you should know how to operate. Below are some key features that you should understand:

  • Home: This button navigates you directly to the Home screen on your Elite 360 device.

  • Return: This function takes you back to the last screen that you accessed.

  • Menu: This button opens the 360 live settings.

  • EPG: This stands for Electronic Program Guide. Pressing this button will give you access to the TV guide.

  • Home: Redirects you to the home screen on your Elite 360 device.

  • Return: Navigates you back to the screen you visited last.

Accessing your live TV channel is as straightforward as pressing OK on your remote control. TV Guide Navigation Instructions: 1. Accessing TV Guide: Press OK on your remote control to display the TV guide. 2. Utilising the Menu Bar: After pressing OK on your remote control, scroll left followed by a right scroll. 3. Channel Selection Procedure: Identify the TV category you wish to view and proceed with a downward scroll. 4. Accessing Menu Bar: To reach the menu bar, press OK on your remote control, ensuring the TV guide is visible. Proceed to scroll left, which will lead you at the top of the menu bar. From here, you're free to scroll right and select your desired Live TV category. This will enable you to choose your preferred genre, which varies in range.

Setting Up Your Favorites in One Section Did you know that it's possible to compile all your favorite channels in one category? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Locate the Desired Channel: Find your desired channel on the TV Guide that you wish to save as your favorite.

  2. Hold the OK Button: Once you find the channel, hold down the 'OK' button for three seconds. This will prompt the system to highlight the star symbol next to the channel.

  3. Highlight the Star: Ensure the star next to the desired channel is highlighted.

  4. Save to Favorites: After the star has been highlighted, the system will automatically move and include your selected channel under the 'Favorites' category on your guide menu. By following these simple steps, you can conveniently access all your favorite channels in one place.

Live TV Setup Instructions: To adjust settings while live TV is streaming, press the MENU BUTTON on your remote. This will enable you to access the settings for your 360 Live and modify its functions. Recording Functionality - The Elite 360 possesses the ability to record programs. Decoder Settings - The system default decoder is typically employed. However, if a channel experiences buffering issues, you have the option to switch to a different decoder. Reporting Issues - Should you encounter any problems, you can directly report these from your device.

TV Guide Instructions

Horizontal TV Guide View (Use Menu Button) This is the standard view for the TV Guide screen. Switch to Vertical View Press the MENU BUTTON on your remote control to transition to the vertical view. Accessing Channels Press the OK button on your remote to display your channels. Navigation via Menu Bar Press the OK button on your remote, then use the directional button to scroll to the left. Using the TV Guide Press the OK button on your remote, and utilize the directional button to scroll to the right.

Guide on Finding Channels Here's a simple step-by-step process on finding channels while your live TV is on:

  1. Direct your attention to your remote control. Locate the directional button.

  2. Press the left direction on the said button.

  3. Scroll left to navigate and gain access to the Live TV search engine.

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