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Renewing your 360 Elite Membership:

Your Guide to Continuous Entertainment

In today's rapidly evolving world of entertainment, having access to ongoing digital enjoyment is critical. The A1 All Access Membership, incomparable with its range of benefits and unique features, delivers a life full of entertainment, ensuring you never miss out on anything that interests you. This article provides you with a detailed plan on how to keep entertainment at your fingertips by renewing your 360 Elite Membership.

Why Renew Early?

For uninterrupted access to all of your favorite games, movies, or live shows, we highly recommend taking proactive steps to renew your membership ahead of time. Ideally, the renewal payment should be completed at least two days before your current membership period ends.

How to Renew

There are several methods for your convenience, so you never miss out on your favorite entertainment.

1. Make Payments Online

For quick and easy payments, choose our online option.

  • We accept online transfers via Zelle. Transfers should be made to 504-444-7839 or

  • Don't forget to mention your phone number in the memo to activate your account promptly.

  • After transferring the money, be sure to send a screenshot of your payment confirmation to our customer service to confirm your renewal.

2. Device Shipping

Want your device delivered to your doorstep? Our customer service team excels in this.

  • All you need to do is send a screenshot of your payment confirmation,

  • together with your address,

  • and your device will be shipped the next business day.

3. Pay with Cash

Prefer the old school method of cash payments? No worries!

  • Stop by at the Spring Valley Swapmeet,booth 456 over the weekend, between 8 am to 1 pm. Our representative,

  • Jayson, will be there to assist you and ensure a pleasant experience.

Subscription Plans to Consider

To make the most of your entertainment experience, consider one of our exceptional 360 Elite Packages:

  • 360 Elite Devices: Purchase our top-tier devices for only $320 (plus $20 for shipping).

  • Live TV: Six months of live TV is available for just $100.

  • Live TV and Movies: A combination of both live TV and movies is just $130.

  • Player's Club: Bring your entertainment experience to a whole new level for just $75. Note: A device with unlimited access is a prerequisite for this option.


Keeping your entertainment journey uninterrupted is as simple as renewing your 360 Elite Membership on time. Trust A1 All Access to continue giving you a front-row seat in the exciting world of digital enjoyment!

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