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Quick question for Unlimited users:

When was the last time you took time to reset your device?

If you answer never & you watch your device on a daily basis chances are your device is backed up with unwanted data .Clearing your A1 media device of unwanted data can help fix speed issues and free up storage space. It is highly recommended that you reset your device at least once every other month depending on how often you watch your device.

How to reset your A1 media device? There are many different ways to reset your device

  • Some users use the paper airplane located at the bottom of the home screen,

(It's recommended to click the paper airplane every time you use your device.)

  • Some users delete the app & reinstall it.

  • Some users go into settings & clear the app data

  • Some users unplug their routers for 30 seconds and plug it back in. This will clear any cached data stored on your router. It is recommended that you do this every 30 days.

While all the methods are good, they only clear up temporary files. The best way to reset your device COMPLETELY is to do a factory reset. This will clean your device of any unwanted or hidden files that may or may not be slowing your device down. This process will bring your device back to its original settings. Giving you a fresh start for more information on how to reset your device click the link below.

After you reset your device it will need to be set up again with your unlimited services.

Click the link below to show you how to set up your device in under 5 minutes.

If your having any issues with your device such as buffering or your streams are out of sync resetting your media device & router can basically fix 90% of most issues.

We hope this information has been helpful

A1 Media Group

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