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360 NETWORK Firestick set up

Updated: Sep 7

The principal virtue of the 360 Elite app lies in its ability to tap into the massive potential residing in your Firestick device. It's not just another media streaming application; it's the key that unlocks the door to a world of entertainment you may have never known existed. Be it movies, shows, live sports events, or music, the 360 Elite app will give you all, straight on your Amazon Firestick, transforming it into a powerhouse of entertainment. Not tech-savvy? No worries! The simplicity of this app makes installing and using it a breeze.

Lets get started

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over Find and click Search.

2. Type Downloader.

3. Choose the Downloader App.

4. Click Get or Download and the app will install. Do not open Downloader just yet as there are some additional steps we must take first.

Now that you have the downloader installed it's now time to give your firestick permission to install 3rd party apps.

5. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Gear icon in the far right corner.

2. Select My Fire TV.

5.Scroll to "About" and click it 7 times to enable Developer Options. Return to the previous screen after doing this by clicking the back button on your remote.

6. Choose Developer Options.

7. Make sure you turn on ADB DEBUGGING

Select Install unknown apps

8. Highlight Downloader and press select button on remote to turn on Unknown Apps.

9. If you’re using an older Fire TV Stick, there will be only one toggle that covers all apps on the device. Turn that on.

Congratulations!! You have just unlocked your firestick.

Now it's time to install the 360 network app to your firestick

10. Push the voice feature and say Downloader

Click OK.

Click ok.

Hover over the URL bar and click the select button on your remote to open the keyboard.

enter code 297293 and allow your firestick to download 360 app

Now that have the app installed on your firestick you will need you 360 network/Players Club password

click the link below for further instructions

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